Dark Phoenix, 

is the most powerful fat burner avaible on the market. It stimilates metabolism, provides energy, helps to reduce hunger, increases thermogenesis, acts as a diuretic, improves thyroid function, helps to regulate blood sugar levels and improves digestion. In addition, it contains an adaptogen that eliminates the negative effects produced by stimulants.


4 Key Benefits: 

-Stimulates metabolisme and provides energy

-Acts as a diuretic

-Improves thyroid function

-Help to regulate blood sugar levels and improves digestion


Preda Dream, 

is the ultimate nighttime recovery formula available on the market. It brings deep sleep and recovery, stabilizes cortisol, reduces fatigue and fights stress. Preda Dream also contains a complex to improve the testosterone level and the natural production of growth hormone.It is a regenerative formula that improves the process of muscle reconstruction. In addition, it promotes deep sleep and serotonin production for a feeling of well being. Preda Dream is a formula made for men and gods alike.


4 Key Benefits:

-Enhances deep sleep for maximum growth and recovery

-Supports hormonal balance

-Maximizes anti-catabolic anabolic environment

-Reduces fat in the abdominal area 



is the ultimate testosterone booster available on the market.

It is an anabolic combination of ingredients involved in the synthesis of testosterone and in the increase of muscle mass. Titan improves libido fertility and vitality. It increases strength, stamina and courage. It is a life elixir promoting a healthy hormonal balance and is beneficial to the health of the liver and prostate. In addition, it helps control the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Titan is a powerful formula worthy of the gods, Feel the divine power right now.


4 key Benefits:

-Libido and fertility

-Strength and endurance

-Healthy hormonal balance

-Natural Anti-Aromatase 


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